Our History & Our Activities


We get organized

The Darius Tobing Foundation was established in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Provided Assistance

For deaf community in Ciputat area with donation of materials and product ideas. Help scavengers community in Tambun - Bekasi. Trained them how to sort out used plastic sachets, clean them properly and teach them about recycling.

Assistance for Early Learning Education (PAUD) in Cakung and Health Center (Posyandu) in urban areas in Jakarta. Provided them with teaching materials, books, desks, toys, sewing machines and healthy food for babies.

Co-sponsored a capicity building program for elderly community in Parung and opened a village library in Cianjur, West java.


Paisley Things Intensified

Supported village ceramic artisan to build a kiln and revive a dying home industry. This marked the beginning of our work providing assistance to village artisans.

Provided scholarships for higher education as part of village women empowerment.

Introduced Paisley Things as a brand and a store, started to participate in exhibitions to show handmade products made by village artisans.


Started Helping Hands Program:

- Diapers for adult to elderly shelters & disabled people.

- Towels, Bed sheets & clothes to orphanages, organizations for street children and to people in villages.

- Water & cleaning supplies for flood victims in East Jakarta.

- Sewing Machine and toys for children for Life Project for Youth in Central Jakarta.



Received Inacraft Award 2015 for Natural Materials Category

Participated in more shows/ exhibitions such as :

- Australian New Zealand Association and British Women Association Bazaars, German Bazaar, French School Bazaar

- American Club Coffee Morning, American Women Association and Singapore Embassies Bazaars

- Kunstkring, Official Jakarta Governor Residence Christmas Decorations 2015



Organized Roof Top Market event to show case a select tallented village artisans from all over Indonesia in Jakarta.

Capacity Building Program for Jakarta government in Marunda : Setting up a proper facility for a sewing class for the women living in the complex and provide training for better skills to produce high value quality products made from recycled urban waste.

Helping Hands Programs Continues :

We continue distributing donated supplies to various friends in need



Helping hands expands: We have begun providing assistance and donations to Garda Satwa animal protection organization. Pet food and pet supplies were sent to Bali so they could come to help of animals left behind during the mount Agung eruption.

"Rooftop Market has become " The Local Market". The first edition of The Local Market was held over 3 days and we have included 100% more participants than the previous year and are pleased to see it grow into such a great event for vendors to showcase their products and for people to come and see us.


Lokal Indonesia Market

We created "Lokal Indonesia Market" to focus on showcasing high-quality, curetted products from established and emerging individuals in the handmade, art and social impact community. We gather makers, designers, artists, entrepreneurs and social changers. it is a market that is more than a place to buy or sell goods;they are all encompassing,dynamic events that bring the community alive.

We believe in connecting the makers with the community in our efforts to help preserve handmade crafts and grow know our culture. it is about the people and the place, meeting the makers and having conversation with friends by weaving the social into the shopping experience. It is sustainable, dynamic and intimate

Lokal Indonesia Market is creating a supportive, non-competitive atmoshphere where artists can not only build relationships with customers, but also with each other to further support the handmade crafts communities and promote shop local product movement!

We believe in keeping the event rates affordable for new and veteran vendors as our way to provide a venue for showcasing high quality, locally handmade products in our community!


Inacraft is the biggest annual 5 days show / exhibition in Indonesia. Participants are from throughout Indonesia. The Darius Tobing Foundation through Paisley Things is facillitating the supported artisans by displaying and intorducing their products to the large scale community that come from everywhere in Indonesia ang other contries. our artisan's products have won numerous awards from the INACRAFT competition. Recently, Paisley Things also received the Asean Creative Excellence award

Open House

The Open House is a 3 days event that takes place at the foundation's premise. We facilitate creative people within artisan's community who make beautiful environmentally friendly handmade crafts by helping them exhibit and market their products.


Lokal Indonesia Market continues

In 2019 we organized for both spring and fall editions (with Christmas theme) of the market. More than 90 talented vendors participated in each event. We will continue this tradition with a new and improved team of organizer to provide for a better Lokal Indonesia Market in 2020 and beyond. We will continue our work with selected local artisans with same values and vision. This will continue to be our mission.

Open Houses at Paisley Things continue

Paisley things open house programs featuring various artisans throughout the year in 2019. We continue to facilitate creative people who make beautiful things or do constructive work for the community or animals. We facilitate them to introduce, exhibit and market their creations or services.

WIC BAZAAR - Jakarta

Women International Club Bazaar, Indonesia, is an annual charity bazaar organized by Women International Club. Paisley Things is one of the selected participants to show Indonesian unique hand-made crafts together with embassy stalls and other local vendors.

Helping Hands continues

We continue to work in our Helping Hands program to develop more charity and community development activities. We work with local businesses communities, enthusiast helping individuals, and several other foundations or social organization in different fields to work to make our world slightly better. Small steps in a jungle of issues we face in our everyday life.

- We continue with waste to raw materials for artisans program, we have more hotels and industries participating donating their waste to us to be used by our artisans.

- In 2019 we started programs with Fairmont Hotel and ECOLAB, and together with the community of St. Yohanes Pengijil Church - Melawai - Blok B to sell the soaps as an income for the community of the church who are in need or distributed to the people in need in remote areas, victims of disaster, elderly shelters, and orphanages.

- In 2019 we started the Pet Scarf Project. It is a project to support Natha Satwa animal shelter by designing and sell cute scarves for cats and dogs in 4 different sizes. The scarves can be purchased at Paisley Things or via online on Paisley Things instagram's account.

- During the Jakarta flood in May 2019 and when it was breakout season in early January 2020, Darius Tobing Foundation managed to collect donations of food for cats and dogs, towels as well as cleaning supplies for shelters that were affected.


Our Team

The empty bottle is nothing but a simple used item, urban waste, collected from a restaurant willing to set it aside and donate it to us. Through a collective effort from a our team this simple bottle transformed into a repurpose highly valuable delicate looking bottle covered with an artful engraving of ferns or other beautiful images.

Board Members

...we are a group of people trying to contribute for the betterment of life regardless of race, gender, religion, and ethnic origins.

Working Group Members

A group of talented and dedicated people doing admin support, logistics, finance, artisans coordinators, capacity building trainers, and community centers managers

Our Support Group

They provide us support by appreciating our effort in many ways. From providing raw materials to basic tools, from hygiene products to health products, and from giving their time to educate others or providing venues for artisans events.

Our Helping Friends

... they appreciate the value of our artisans aesthetic products, giving the village artisans a fair income to sustain their craftsmanships

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, but we are commited


To establish a network of
helping hands

We work against poverty regardless of race, gender, religion, belief, or ethnic origins. We organized community drive and help corporations or individuals distribute their donated products to communities in need.


To promote and encourage sustainable eco-friendly home industry in villages

We are focusing on developing home industry in Indonesian villages.
In addition to using recycled urban waste, we encourage them to use any resources within their area so they can remain in their village and continue passing their traditional local heritage for future generations.


To help people improve their unique skills of knowledge and facilitate their potentials.

If you empower a community with skills and knowledge to produce something valuable for society, the community will be impacted positively. Very often they are just lacking basic tools, basic design methods, and product ideas. Additionally, lack of access for working capital and market potential making it almost impossible for them to improve their life quality.

Our Vision

"To provide hope and opportunity to those
who have lost hope and were never given an opportunity
in their simple quest to have a better life"