Education Assistance

We believe education is an integral part of human development. Lack of education causes many social and economic issues. We contribute our effort in the development of capacity building programs focusing on helping people to find long term solutions. Our aim is to assist in the transfer of knowledge to enable communities so that they may acquire new skills, have a better and sustainable living while creating a positive change for the environment.

The Darius Tobing Foundation, always engage in community capacity building programs. Our activities range from artisans training in using better techniques to providing sewing class for women in low income housing areas to organizing creative activities to children with special needs or building community composting training programs. We work in strategic partnerships with volunteers, local companies, and independent experts in various fields.

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Related Activities

Composting Program

The composting project started when a new composting technique using maggots to transform trash into organic compost showed promising results.

Marunda Women Empowerment

Marunda is a government housing project located in North Jakarta for people who otherwise would not afford a home. Our program is Empowering women of this community to develop their skills and to earn sustainable income.

Monica’s School for the Autism

Monica runs a centre for children with autism who otherwise would not receive the help and attention they need. We work with them in providing hands-on learning activities.

Healthy Living

In most big cities like Jakarta and highly populated areas like in Java very often healthy living is considered to be a luxury. However, through our programs we learned that this is often caused by lack of proper basic health education. Our activities focus on simple health education program for disadvantage communities. We provide programs to show mothers how with little money they can feed their babies with healthy food. We provide reading glasses for elderly in villages so they can read and have better living activities. We donate time and materials providing fresh paint for orphanages houses.

Communities like orphanages, homes for the elderly, homes for disable people, village clinics for the poor, often in need of supplies. They need items such as diapers, towels, cleaning supplies and healthy food items. We work with local organizations or businesses to extend their charitable donations to those in need. Through us, items that otherwise be discarded can be re-purpose and provide a better living.

What you can donate :

Related Activities

Cleaning supplies for those in need

The Darius Tobing Foundation and local businesses routinely distribute cleaning supplies to help different social organizations in need.

Health supplies for elderly and handicap communities.

The Darius Tobing Foundation and local generous manufacturer of health supplies routinely re-distributes health supplies such as diapers or gloves to help different social organizations in need.

Supplies for orphanages

The Darius Tobing Foundation routinely re-distributes donated food supplies or clothing materials to social organization communities to help them in their effort to help others.

Citronella Farming

Developing farmers empowerment program to revitalize citronella oil industry in village in West Java. Citronella oil can be used as natural musquito reppelant.