Paisley Things

Our Beautiful Handmade Crafts Supported by Darius Tobing Foundation

Keep Heritage Skills Alive

Help village artisans to make decent living and allow them to stay in their villages preserving local heritage skills handed down over generations as part of their cultural heritage. Additionally, unlike farming which is highly dependent on climate condition, craft artisans are more adaptive to climate change.

"Pulang Kampung" Program

Many people from villages are flocking to cities and become displaced labors. They dont want to go back to their village because they no longer own a land for farming. We promote the idea of "pulang kampung" or going back to village with a new hope, opportunity, and confidence. We help them to preserve and revive traditional skills enabling them to make a decent income without the need to own a farming land and be close to their families.

Home Based Eco-Friendly Industry

What used to be considered as waste materials in the past, we can now make into a new purposeful products. We are reducing urban waste, creating home based industry with sustainable income opportunities, and producing a high quality handmade, aesthetic products.

Some of Our Proud Artisans

At this time the Darius Tobing Foundation under the Paisley Things program have provided assistance to village tallents from various places in Indonesia and successfully show their abilities to produce high quality and environmental friendly handmade products.


A talented ceramic engraving artisan, full of surprises when it comes to his artistic abilities. In addition to having a wide knowledge of ceramic making he also likes to paint and draw.


Highly motivated artisan from West Java specializing in hand made high quality, purposeful canned products.

Asep R

Asep and his family now enjoys the fruit of his labor. He is a talented wood artist, making beautiful ornaments, wood hangers, and others. He is a highly dedicated and hard working artisan.


Soft spoken but disciplined and highly skilled artisan, Unjang has contributed as one of our best carpenter. However, he was a machinist at a factory before he decided he wanted to do something else in his life. We helped him develop his new skills.


She is from a village in East Java, and one of our success stories in women empowerment program. She is making unique beautiful batik blankets.


He is a weaving artisan from West Java, started young and learned the art of "anyaman" from his father, and is now successfully trasmitting this art to new apprentices and his young daughter whom has earned prizes in school competitions.

How Paisley Things Started..

In the Darius Tobing Foundation Paisley Things program, it all started with a simple broom. When we visited a village in Cianjur, West Java, we saw an older man making a broom. We were fascinated by the intricate work being done by hands, weaving bamboo materials to make a broom. It was an object of artistic heritage.

We were amazed when we found out how little value he could obtain for his craftmanship. The artisan with his beautiful broom was not making enough money in selling the fruit of his labor. Because he could not always be in the city to sell directly to potential buyers, he had to go through middlemen. Unfortunately, the middlemen did not see the beauty in this broom. For them it was just a common broom.

This hand made beautiful broom, which had better quality than most broom sold in super markets, has an exquisite craftmanship. It is eco-friendly too because no harm is being done to the environment and raw materials are always available. It is a sustainable industry and people will always need a broom. This made us wonder how we could optimize this potential. Our wish and desire to help these village artisans led us in the creation of Paisley Things for the Darius Tobing Foundation.