Helping Hands

We establish a network of people helping people, the Helping Hands program, because valuable resources are limited or not easily available to those in need. We help our network of helping hands distribute donated items or goods (new or pre-owned)to individuals, communities, and other social organizations.

Additionally we are also bulding a network of people owners or managers of restaurants or hotels to donate their waste such as bottles or linens. These donation of urban waste can be recycled as raw materials for our village artisans. It helps reduce urban waste sanitation problem, build village economy to reduce urbanization, and preserve local heritage skills.

The Darius Tobing foundation organized a helping hands program to collect donation of pet food, medicine, cleaning and pet supplies for Garda Satwa. Recently, this donation was sent to Bali to help Garda Satwa operation to tend to animals that were left behind in the area around mount Agung after the eruption in 2017.

What you can donate :

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Garda Satwa

Garda Satwa is a not for profit organization focusing in animal welfare organization in Jakarta and surrounding areas.

Vincentius Putri Orphanage

Vincentius Foundation is a social organization for orphans in Jakarta. The Darius Tobing Foundation provide supplies to help them with their operations

Yayasan Sinar Pelangi

Sinar Pelangi Foundation is organization dedicated to help disable people in Jatibening, Jakarta that we provide assistance of health related products.

Rumah Sakit Lestari

This privately run clinic help people in the community who need affordable medical assistance such as cataract and cleft pallet operations.