Community Development

We come to understand that when people stays and work in their villages, with sufficient help they could have a better life and at the same time preserve their traditional heritage. Therefore, it is our wish for them to live and work in their villages instead of flocking the big cities. An endeavor often turns into even bigger misery for them because they leave behind their homes, their families and their traditional values.

We truly believe by using skills they inherited, raw materials available to them, and perhaps even working with other neigbouring communities, they can make valuable unique hand made products in their villages.

Heritage skills are valuable assets to a country cultural identity. And villages home based industry plays an important role in national economy. If you empower an artisan, let say a bamboo basket artisan, and follow FAIR TRADE practices, you are helping him or her to feed his or her family, protect heritage skills, and help village home industry to have sustainable growth.

What We Do

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Marunda Community Capacity Building Program

Empowering women in Marunda Community Housing Project through skill and product development.

Community composting training program

Helping local communities to start their composting programs

The LOCAL Market

A Jakarta event to show select group of artisans from villages in Indonesia with quality hand made products.